08 June 2010

Inaugural Lacey Top 4

I have to get into the habit of writing everyday, so lucky you.  These are my top 4 things of the day.  Things I love.  Things I found.  Things I want you to know.

today's top 4

1.  Johnny Cash leg tattoo- spotted on the 66 bus to work in the morning.  Youngish Johnny Cash, with a pompadour.   Like this:
Awesome.  I want one.  Right on the calf.

2.  Matty Ballgame from the Filmspotting podcast.   Huge audio crush of mine.  Charming, ridiculous, hilarious, melodramatic...have no idea what he looks like; frankly, I don't want to know.   (I actually hope he doesn't look too much like the one on the right cuz that's kind of like my ex-husband.)  I like Adam a lot, too, but as he's married I won't allow myself to crush too hard.  I have been listening long enough now I feel like I know the guys.  Like Ray Suarez back in the day.
3.  changing your cursor in Windows.  Until my buddy Joe at work showed me how I had no clue I could do this.  And it's already through work's firewall!

4.  jungletribe on etsy.  Self proclaimed "steam punk militia" artists.  LOVE this ring:
Or this:

That's right, a steam punk militia holster.  How have I lived without this?