29 June 2010

6 Items or Less

So as usual I am a late in signing up officially, but I decided to do this little experiment on my own.  To see how the "officials" are doing you can check in with them here.  The idea is to wear only six items of clothing for one month.  Exceptions are made for workout clothes, underwear, outerwear like raincoats, and accessories.  I am also adding jammies to my exception list.
Why am I doing this?
I need to simplify the activities I expect my pea brain to handle.  I spend so much time looking for clothes, thrift store shopping for clothes, washing clothes, obsessing over clothes, throwing out clothes, getting new clothes- all accompanied by my daily whine, "I can't leave the house, I have nothing to wear."  Frankly I'm bloody sick of it all.  I am going cold turkey.
Yesterday I packed up all the colorful and useless clothes in my closet into duffle bags and wheeled them into the garage.  I panicked a little when I had to get dressed to go see friends, but I rallied and pulled on two of the uniform pieces.  Felt ugly.  Didn't matter.
So, the month of July on 6 items, plus jammies, swimsuit, jacket.  Here's my uniform:

Black t shirt
brown skirt
black and white dress
peacock shirt
denim skirt

Embarking on day 3 today.  Panicked when I got peanut noodles all over my black tshirt yesterday, but calmed down.  Other than that, plus warning people at work, I hardly thought about what I was wearing at all.  Which is a minor miracle.