01 July 2010

Yes, Yes, Yes

Remember that Jim Carrey movie where he just decided to start saying "yes" to everything?  I actually thought Zooey Deschanel was cute in that movie, though I will never forgive her for "The Happening".  Anyhoo, I am having fun this week trying to say yes to everything.  Generally I have no problem saying "yes" to things that are unreasonable to ask of me in the first place, and things I want to buy. This is different.  I am trying to emulate my darling Jack Jack in saying, "eh, why not?" to everything in front of me.  Red, white and blue day at work? Why not cut the feet off my old red and white striped tights and make leggings to wear under my uniform denim skirt today?  Then why not give Melody the cut off foot for a stocking cap for her kitty?  Why not?
Why not just sign up for Deviant Art (art community and print on demand site) and start getting some of my work out there?  
Why not try soy in my $2.00 afternoon iced drink at Starbucks today?
Why not barbeque at home on the fourth of July and just watch the fireworks on TV?  
Why not order a game from GameFly that I actually want to play and everyone else in my house will be bored by?
These are major, impactful decisions, by the way. They signal a sea change in my psyche. (I LOVE the phrase, "sea change".  For a long time I thought it was "C-change" and I thought it was dumb, like "Change with a capital 'C'."  But it's way more profound than that.)  All these "yesses" add up to a great big NO to that martyr personality that is always demanding to take things over.  

Why not just order myself the perfect birthday present, with Jack's card, from Etsy, and let it be from him?


By the way, I want to be this artist when I grow up.  I LOVE her sensibility.  So many lovely things.
Happy birthday, mamacita Lacey!