02 March 2010

Mighty Girl

Isn't it weird when you add someone to the ole Twitter feed, and then forget who they are or why you added them, then you stumble across their blog and feel like, hey!  I know that girl!  Good for her, she has an awesome blog!  Maybe its just me.
I feel that way about Mighty Girl, a magazine editor living in San Francisco.  Maybe its just her cute little face that made me want to follow her, but her blog is also quite entertaining.  She is currently doing this Mighty Life List thing, like a bucket list, only sweeter and more girly, in a very very good way.  I wish there was a better term for that.  How about...Mighty Girl!  Sorry.

ANYHOO I want to make a list, too, because I am a joiner and I love lists of all kinds.  Don't even know if I can come up with 100...
In no particular order, even though they are numbered so I can keep track of them.  The idea is to accomplish 3 a month, so they all can't be TOO outrageous.

things to do before I move on...
  1. drink absinthe in Paris
  2. camp in the snow
  3. go on a girls weekend with my best friends
  4. get married again- in a fancy dress
  5. dye my hair blonde
  6. get a tattoo of the Little Prince
  7. create a large scale (3'x5'?) collage
  8. spend time at a monastery/convent
  9. go to St Petersburg
  10. find my cousins from my mom's side
  11. be in Oaxaca for the Day of the Dead
  12. learn some burlesque
  13. learn to sing some big band standards
  14. write to a couple people I wronged long ago
  15. spend time with the Schaefers and my godson
  16. make a quilt
  17. go rowboating on a spring day 
  18. have another Westie 
  19. go to natural hot springs somewhere
  20. have unlimited time to spend in the British Museum
  21. go horseback riding on the beach
  22. get some Fluevogs
  23. have one month off work to do art
  24. take a class at Pratt
  25. learn leaded and stained glass
  26. take a pilgrimage to Iona
  27. try some crazy expensive cheese
  28. take all my kids to Disneyland for days and days
  29. have a summer place
  30. stay in Eureka, CA for some extended period of time
  31. meet Jack's nieces and nephews and grandma
  32. make turkish delight
  33. ride an ATV on sand dunes
  34. ride an elephant
  35. eat a juicy peach in a meadow in the summer
  36. see fireflies
  37. vacation in New Orleans and spend lots of money there
  38. be a teacher
  39. write a book about history
  40. go to the big museums in New York
  41. have pygmy goats
  42. have a clothesline
  43. grow herbs on my deck
  44. own robin's egg blue velvet curtains
  45. get or make huge ceramic angel wings to hang on the wall
  46. learn to use photoshop
  47. read Carl Jung and understand
  48. monogram linens for my girls' weddings
  49. make and wear a Victorian dress
  50. drive 90 miles an hour- just for a few minutes- not with kids in the car...