14 December 2009

Read Your Own Books Challenge 2010

In keeping with my new year's resolution of using up what I already have (big noodle casseroles with those Cash and Carry egg noodles, collaging from current ephemera...) I have decided to Read My Own Books in 2010. (Hit the button at the right to see the challenge.)  I made a list of ones I have that I have been meaning to read- some I have been toting around since college!  In no particular order, and followed by the approximate years they have spent, unread, in my possession:

  • The Red Dancer, Richard Skinner (2 yrs)
  • Jonathan Strange & Mr Norell, Susanna Clark (1 year)
  • The White Bone, Barbara Gowdy (3 yrs)
  • The First World War, John Keegan (5+ years)
  • The Crimson Petal and the White, Michael Faber (2 yrs)
  • Peter the Great, Robert Massie (7+ years)
  • Be Sweet, Roy Blount Jr. (3 yrs)
  • Stone's Fall, Iain Pears (1 yr)
  • The Meaning of Night, Michael Cox (1 yr)
And those are the books that have made it out of boxes in the last year I have lived in my house!  It'll be a weird year for reading, leaping all over history.