07 October 2009

Wednesday, Great Books Week

" I don't have to write my autobiography because someone already wrote it..."

Well, being a number 4 in the Enneagram system I bristle at this question, because of course I am so unique that no one could capture me in a novel, let alone someone I never knew.  But that's lazy, so I forced myself to look harder  as Rafiki says.  Then I remembered Steppenwolf.  I so need to reread Steppenwolf.  I found it profoundly disturbing when I read it in college- it was godless existentialism on a primal level and it freaked me out.  I feel like a total black- turtlenecked geek saying it, but Hesse's book describes my inner life more clearly than anything else I've read, with the possible exception of Notes from Underground.  Of course the details of daily life are all wrong, but the entrenched sensation of not belonging is spot on.