02 October 2009

leaving the West and entering the East

Chapter 1, Dracula
I am fairly disheartened to discover how deeply the visage of Keanu Reeves has burrowed into my psyche; I keep being startled at how well he puts thoughts and observations together... is it at all possible I can shake him from my memory and regain my admiration for the naive Jonathan Harker, with his wide eyed British exoticism and sweet reminders to get paprika recipes for Mina? I had especially forgotten his tourist's description of the peasants ("picturesque"!) - (Mem., must sketch one of these marvelous barbarian Slovaks for the blog) and infatuation with the countryside.  SO Victorian, dude. 
Also found it hilarious that on the 4th of May, being the eve of St George's day, "when the clock strikes midnight, all the evil things in the world will have full sway..."  May 4 was the day I was married to my formerly beloved ex-husband.  Sigh.  Should have done my research, I suppose.  We were doomed from the start.