05 October 2009

Monster, give me my child!

Dracula, Chapter IV

Clearly things are getting a little freaky for our poor Jonathan. Now he knows the Count sleeps in a coffin filled with freshly turned earth (which kind of begs the question, isn't it overkill to have the dirt AND the coffin?). He's seen the bewailing mother looking for her child devoured by wolves. Don't think I've seen that in a movie, either. He's been psychologically tortured- you can go no you can't! You are my friend you are dinner for my girl posse! He's done. I can completely picture the poor guy just breaking down, saying his goodbyes to Mina and the cruel, cruel world. Get this chap a brandy, stat!
Hard to imagine he'll go back to his recipe gathering Mina quite the same gent as left a month ago.
Pretty bummed somebody thought of the whole Jonathan-twitter-thing before I did.  Could be hilarious...

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