04 November 2009

Onward and upward!

This is so embarassing to admit, but I am writing a novel this month.  I know, I have no time, I have no energy,  I can hardly get dressed some days, yet I am finding it necessary to write a novel.  But, friends, it is not just any novel.  It;s the thing that has been percolating in my pickled brain for months.  Here's a little teeny inkling what it's about:  a Victorian Protestant Ascendancy oldest sister named Bauxie, who grew up with Constance Markiewicz and Eva Gore-Booth and Jack and WB Yeats, and some time travel, and some spiritualism and some sorrow.  And some black cats.
50,000 words are needed, and I have almost 3000.  There is always time to write.  And draw elaborate family trees.  Even though the laundry isn't done.