20 November 2009

The Graphics Fairy

Stumbling, bumbling my way out of my cave and trying to get inspired again to create something, anything, I happened upon this whole lovely community of imaginative and generous bloggers.  Current obsession: The Graphics Fairy (button at right), who out of the goodness of her hearts posts vintage clip art, designs, blog and web elements (on her sister site, Background Fairy).  So pretty, so inspiring.  Of course, though, my treacherous reuptake inhibitors, or whatever it is that is wrong with my brain, immediately began accusing me of not doing nearly so much to fill the world with beauty.  Which is true.  I do very little these days to inspire anyone. 
I think it might be that I have a hard time being inspired by Thanksgiving, because I dislike brown, and orange, and yellow, and especially a combination of the 3.  Unlike Christmas, you can't really just up and decide to have a Frenchie Thanksgiving, or a pink and white glitter Thanksgiving.  Well, I suppose you can, but not in my family.
Did you know that the traditional four humours (Phlegmatic, Snaguine, Choleric, and Melancholic) correspond quite nicely with the four Keirsey Temperaments? (Guardian, Artisan, Rational, Idealist) And that these in turn correspond to the dimensions of the Myers Briggs? (SJ, SP, NT, NF)  AND that the four main characters of the Wizard of Oz correspond quite nicely with them all?
To wit:

Dorothy is a Guardian Personality, dependable, traditional, longing for the security and peace of home.  She is Phelgmatic- the humor of Phelgm.  Other Guardians you may know: Mother Theresa, Harry Truman, and Joseph Corbett Clayton Beck.

The Cowardly Lion is an Artisan Personality. He is playful, not too concerned with the future, craves popularity, and is a natural leader (when he's not scared to death!) His humor is Sanguine- blood.  Some famous artisans are Ernest Hemingway, Bob Dylan, and Amelia Earhart.

The Scarecrow has a Rational Personality.  Its quite rare, actually!  He is independent, strong-willed, even-tempered, and of, course, rational.  He's a deep, analytical thinker and a problem solver. His humor is that of yellow bile: a choleric.  Other rationals who have changed the world: Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, and Sophia Cleone Beck.

And the Tin Man.  The poor Tin Man is an Idealist.  Romantic, loving, empathetic, intense: a real bleeding heart.  He's always enthusiastically striving for that perfect world he knows is out there, somewhere.  His humor is black bile: Melancholy.  Eleanor Roosevelt was an Idealist, as well as Princess Diana, Lacey Coffin Greene, and Ava Clare Beck.
Now you have participated in my ice breaker from Time Management training.  I have a pretty fun job.  Sometimes.