03 September 2009

Passion, wherefore art thou?

Heard another inspiring talk today, this one from Sean Griffin.  All these go getters that just get an idea and run with it- in his case, many an idea.  I'll post my viz notes tomorrow.  His whole thing is finding your passion and living it, and his passion is visually communicating potential and what is possible.  For companies, for people.  So part of the exercise was to draw a mind map of your passion.  ?!  Needless to say, my page was blank. I forget what I was passionate about before I was passionately sad, or passionately angry, or passionately pessimistic.  I finally wrote: inspiration.  Vague- but really, that's the beginning of everything, right?  The breath of hope, of life.  The inspiration that bringing another soul into the world will go well, that love won't go unnoticed, that sorrow serves a purpose.  If I don't get inspired again, it will be harder and harder to get out of bed.  So the only passion I currently have is a passionate longing for inspiration.